We can imagine (without creating specific images in mind) how a point without dimensions moves and makes a line. We can say about the latter that is “created” in this way by a movement of a point. Now we have one dimension. In the same way, an amplitude, or a movement of line with the angle perpendicular to self “creates” a plane with two dimensions, and a movement of a plane perpendicular to self “creates” three-dimensional body. If we use the same phrases to continue the same process, we can say that a movement of a body perpendicular to self creates an object inside our universe. But what does now “perpendicular”? In every previous case, it was indicating a direction which do not exist. Thus, a movement of a line creating a plane is executed towards its thickness which do not exist. In each of these three cases – a point, a line and a plane – we add new notion which neither can be concluded nor imagined within its own dimensions. Hence, “perpendicular” actually means “to exit out of this world” and similar movement or rolling is consumed by higher dimension or is represented in it. A line becomes a plane due to movement and we get a reality due to movement in time. To reach a point of view of the next, higher dimension, we must develop special consciousness, where the last added movement is not treated as such anymore, but is perceived with integrity of a new dimension. Since we didn’t master this concept as a whole, time seems to us a such unusual type of dimension. It seems to develop a new base, represents some kind of intended dimension. But in reality, it is the same by character, and our perception of a body – you know the volume thanks to touch, thanks to sense of density, and when we see body we imagine its properties like this. But we are nurtured in the way that we are thinking incorrectly about ourselves as three-dimensional beings, and duration in the fourth dimension never seemed to be necessary for our reality. And now we “have grown” to the need to make a full turn under the right angle and understand that as three-dimensional beings we are real in the same way as a point, a line and a body. The perpendicular of our new dimension is the extension in time, absolutely necessary for real existence of any object in our universe. This direction is not intrinsic to three-dimensional body.


We can mention here one wonderful fact: none of the “things”(I use this term in very literal meaning, understanding physical things) can possess existence if it does not possess the maximum number of dimensions realized by us. It seems to be an axiom that can be applied to the whole created world as we know it, to all beings in our plane of existence. In the first information about geometry we learn that point does not have magnitude. That’s why it doesn’t possess existence, besides imaginary existence, and only when imagination is foggy and revolving around notion without any tries to treat it seriously. A line has length, but does not have width, that’s why it can exist only in imagination – the same way as unlucky point. Further we learn that plane has length and width, but not thickness, and that’s why it impersonates something that can not possess existence. Finally, we’re coming to a body that have length, width and height, that’s why we consider it quite dense for existence as it is imagined from the point of view of good mind. However, it is still able to exist only in undefined imagination of the same type as a line and a plane, because it does not have duration in time. If it does not possess time dimension or does not exist within measured time duration, it can’t be perceived as “thing” in any case. Thus, it can only get existence in our newly found four-dimensional universe. It is the same simple explanation as any other – explanation of necessity of the fourth-dimension – time dimension – to provide substantiality to all objects.


In our days too many people are not satisfied with the interpretation of God, given by christianity, and also by absense of clear explanation of real nature of a soul. Majority of clergy are most certainly keep to their own more mature ideas of God behind generally accepted cloak of God. But they are having hard times telling their parishioners about biblical God, because many of their listeners are purely satisfied with idea of God as “father”. Shallow thinking becomes ordinary, and efforts in creating more satisfying and newer notion of God are not able to override a sense of necessity of keeping the devotion to old customs. On the other side, majority of us has neither possibility, nor willingness to rethink our understanding of God and our relations with him or our understanding of a soul. That is why we are not able to accept church’s teachings as adequate or easily find new concept somewhere else. I suspect that our complication in establishing satisfactory relations with reality are rooted in materialistic mindset prevailing nowadays. And there is no easy solution to this issue, as any off-the-shelf interpretation is not an answer. If we in our knowledge have overcome the stage where we are satisfied with parallels and allegories, it means that there’s no chance to get new understanding in other way than by working for new experience and new perception that will make its essense.

Having started translating the first volume of Carlos Castaneda in 2010, I was not expecting that refinement, preparing to publishing would take almost 7 years. Today, March 1, 2017, I have completed prepublishing preparation of my own translation of “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”, which will sound in Ukrainian “Повчання пана Івана: Якійський шлях знання”.

It’s not just a translation, it’s own rethinking of the text.

Follow the updates, it’s soon to be published – and to be freely sold.

P.S.: if anybody would like to help with the graphics of the cover – you’ll be welcome.

We should not understand God as some embodiment of power – it is the final reality on the other side of all live forms and matter in our universe and all other plans of existence. Such reality cannot be separated into single pieces, however so called “convergence into matter” creates illusion of myriads of single beings of endlessly various density. The ultimate stage where a realm of spirit can be revealed inside its material cloak is a manifestation of what we call spiritual qualities. These are the qualities emerging from gradual reduction of a feeling of separation. Various materials cloaks covering a realm of a spirit can be represented as windows of various transparency which we use to observe realm underlying a foundation of life; but in every case a subject of observation is one undividable spirit, but not some of its separate individual element. If we would be able to see and understand it in its full, it would be similar to if we look out of a plane’s window and see unlimited cloud dimension we are flying over, but not only limited image of one cloud. Specifically these cloaks create an illusion of separation being foundation of the whole ignorance in the world. We call this ignorance the evil.

The law asserts that every reason must have its consequence, that all reasons must be fully worked off. Power, created by every thought and every action must be consumed and dissipated amongst other people, and, in its turn, this creates power producing following reactions. Some parts of this power tend to expedite to the process of dumping material cloaks from spirit, while its other parts strengthen and amplify them. We along with our present environment are personally results of what we think and do now. None of the actions or none of the acts of thoughts are dying without a trace; but each and every one of them gives birth to the new result chain: they are lasting until primary power is spent. In this way we are developing through personal mistakes and personal actions towards good and evil. Truly, this is the highest justice: there is no chance to avoid the results of bad thoughts and actions, no chance to lose the results of good ones. But how we react to events caused by them can help dissipating this power or recovering it. That’s why karma law creates out of every individual a collective group of potential possibilities directed towards good and evil, towards trends of any kind, towards joys and sufferings of present and future existence. These constantly variable potential chances are possibly kept together in some material shell, thinner then everything we know, representing reincarnating being. Such being hasn’t anything constant; and in every new birth a spirit activity can be observed by collected shells and material cloaks. But it is impossible to imagine that the same spirit particle embodies into matter – there is no spirit partitionability like that existing and there is nothing defined as soul following in its trips the “unworked reasons” shell. Spirit is always present everywhere, but here you can perceive it only via physical creation. We are like spirit’s windows and our past thoughts and actions predetermine the level how spirit can be noticed through us. By working off your karma we are trying within every existence to wipe off dust from window at least a bit until window is clean and personality disappears.

As I assume, this is the genuine meaning of doctrine “No God, no soul”, adhered by all true Buddhists. It is not lethal, but inspiring belief. God is not denied, but is conceived in much wider statement. Soul gets new abilities and is interpreted in a new way like temporary, changeable, and, finally, vanishing being, having at the back the unity and the integrity of spirit without mind-comprehended attributes creating only uncertain perceived reality. The personality created by a group of reasons and consequences striving to manifesting keeps continuity within a long process of spirit liberation, but it is constantly changing and condemned to decaying. And spirit acting by this personality represents indifferentiated part of an ocean of a spirit whom we call God; and in real it can not be called “soul”.

Where does the expansion stop? What should prevent us from revealing the fifth dimension? The latter furthermore will require from us accepting that for real existence in our universe everything must have five dimensions and that new dimension must be thought as expansion at the right angle to time. Here I’m not suggesting any wonderful concept similar to Dunne’s “serial time”. New dimension must be something “going outside of this world’s boundaries” and must have no relation to any kind of time.

A beautiful news for all old photo lovers and owners of albums (not digital photo frames 🙂 ) with traditional printed photos.

Google published a mobile app titled Photoscan, which is addition to Google Photos app.

This photo scanner

  • is very simple in use
  • does not require knowledge of photoshop or any other photo programs for processing of digital photos
  • does not require knowledge of scanning devices
  • needs mobile phone with more or less good photo camera (some mobile phones do not fit requirements)
  • cuts everything excessive from the photo (white edges, unsharp frame)

What to do?

  • download and install app
  • prepare pictures by putting one by one on contrast phone (white paper, black surface paper, but don’t put it on colour surface!)
  • start scanning and slide along 4 white dots, as the app will hint you
  • press button “Save” after first/every or last photo


Here how it was

Here how it is

And as a bonus: