Baltics 2018 – Route

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Route is defined.

Warsaw West Station – Kaunas – Vilnius – Daugavpils – Riga (2 days) – Narva – Tallinn (2 days) – Helsinki (2 days) – Haapsalu – Tuhala – Matsala – Saaremaa – Kuressaare – Kaali – Panga – Parnu – Jurmala – Ventspils – Liepaja – Panevezys – Siauliaj – Augustow – Warsaw

The details of days, hours and points (now only part the points in place) here:

Map hasn’t changed:


Suggested dates are moved to June: from June 1 to 16


Expenses calculation can be based on €50 per day all-inclusive.

For economy travelers – €30 per day all-inclusive.

For very economy travelers – not included.

5 thoughts on “Baltics 2018 – Route

    1. Oleksandr, hello!! 🙂 I won’t be in the Baltics anytime soon.
      If my permit renewal is completed in time, we’ll be in Tromsø, Norway for the summer solstice. So maybe you should add that to your route 😉

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