About me


My name is Oleksandr Korytskyy. I am roamer, interpreter, mentor, esoterician, organizer, writer.

I was professional interpreter from 1998 to 2014, and during that time translated over 40.000.000 English, Ukrainian, Russian words.

In 2020 I’ve certified in world renowned PMP certificate (Project Management Professional).

I am the first person in Ukraine who translated and published Carlos Castaneda’s first volume “The Teachings of Don Juan: The Yaqui Way of Knowledge”.

You can find part of spiritual and esoteric texts here, at site.

I’ve started intense travelling in 2008, and have already visited 47 UN recognized countries, and 5 more territories (if you consider Vatican not a country). And I am not only solo roamer, but I have already organized over 100 group trips in Ukraine, Europe, Asia.

I have been teaching Way to Abyss since 2007 for wide circles, and have spent already over 2000 hours of teaching groups, organized over 500 esoteric events, 8 International Esoteric Forums, several Days of Spiritual Practices, over 100 seminars of other masters.

Also, I’m fond of photography, that’s why I added Instagram profile to the site.

I am sharing my experience and vision of the world here, at my site, and in dedicated personal Facebook page, created in 2018.

I hope you will learn something new and exciting on the pages of the site.

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