The Hanged

Have you ever challenged yourself? This is the right card to do it.

Whenever you are bound, whenever you have any bounds, clean up yourself by taking a decision and become a hanged man.

The time is coming. The time is near. It’s not the time when you’ll be hanging, helpless, powerless, leaving everything to Higher Forces. It’s the time when you come to the fringe, to the edge, a step from the Way to Abyss, where you alone are responsible for your actions, for your choice, for your decisions. The place where you take over your life and start ruling the World of Abyss.

Make your step
>>>>————————> forward

and you will rule the Universe,

<————————<<<< backward

and you will lose the the Universe and get back to the 13th floor of Matrix

Detach yourself.

XII. The Hanged Man II XII. The Hanged Man XII. The Hanged Woman

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