Old Photographic pictures… and use Google Photoscan

A beautiful news for all old photo lovers and owners of albums (not digital photo frames 🙂 ) with traditional printed photos.

Google published a mobile app titled Photoscan, which is addition to Google Photos app.

This photo scanner

  • is very simple in use
  • does not require knowledge of photoshop or any other photo programs for processing of digital photos
  • does not require knowledge of scanning devices
  • needs mobile phone with more or less good photo camera (some mobile phones do not fit requirements)
  • cuts everything excessive from the photo (white edges, unsharp frame)

What to do?

  • download and install app
  • prepare pictures by putting one by one on contrast phone (white paper, black surface paper, but don’t put it on colour surface!)
  • start scanning and slide along 4 white dots, as the app will hint you
  • press button “Save” after first/every or last photo


Here how it was

Here how it is

And as a bonus:

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