Edgar Allan Poe. The Raven (illustrated)

I rarely read poems, but digging my historical notes, I’ve found this link to “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, illustrated by Gustave Doré: https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/p/poe/edgar_allan/raven/ Overwhelming illustrations!!! For Simpson lovers – “The Raven” in their way: and the full text for lazy people:   Edgar Allan Poe. The Raven Once upon a midnight dreary, while …
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Old Photographic pictures… and use Google Photoscan

A beautiful news for all old photo lovers and owners of albums (not digital photo frames 🙂 ) with traditional printed photos. Google published a mobile app titled Photoscan, which is addition to Google Photos app. This photo scanner is very simple in use does not require knowledge of photoshop or any other photo programs …
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Lars von Trier. Nymph()maniac (Nymphomaniac)

Brief To say honestly, “Melancholia” by Trier had not become my favourite or liked. Despite that Charlotte Ginsbourg (although she’s Gainsbourg, but the family origins from Ukraine) acts in both movies. Movie is controversial. And in two versions. 3-hour theatrical version was enough for me personally without hard porn and many other interesting things. The …
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Back to mail and storages, or are you still sharing photos over socnets and messengers?

I’m very big fan of photography, and high quality photography. Somehow suddenly I found out not very interesting and not very comfortable quality of social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and messenger apps (Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger).
Once I tried to share and receive photos from messengers and socnets from many people at once and put those photos in the consistent order I became very disappointed… That’s why here’s brief description of the experiment.

Chasing Ice

In 2008 Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. The calving event lasted for 75 minutes and the glacier retreated a full mile across a calving face three miles wide. The height of the ice is about 3,000 feet, 300-400 feet above water and the rest below water.