F1 Spa-Francorchamps Trip, August 2015

It has passed over a year now, but I managed finally to make a video to this intense #F1Trip with #FollowUsOnFacebook tags.

Lviv, Ukraine – Kraków, Poland – Wroclaw, Poland – Berlin, Germany – Hamburg, Germany – Bremen, Germany – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Antwerp, Belgium – Brussels, Belgium – Liège, Belgium – F1 Spa Francorchamps Race Circuit, Belgium – Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Paris, France – Prague, Czech Republic – Opole, Poland – Krakow, Poland – Lviv, Ukraine

The route was long, here’s the link to the map of our drive: https://www.google.com/maps/@51.0612622,7.4543906,5z/data=!4m2!6m1!1s1xQo3zcrDKqg-hGREat0_GBwWvnk.

Here it is embedded (not visible in some of the social networks).

And here’s the video itself: https://www.facebook.com/oleksandr.korytskyy/videos/10211313032527059/

And we dedicate this video to the first anniversary of Igor’s and Olga’s wedding – they engaged on Karlov Most in Praga. Congratulations!

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