2019 Summary according to Google Maps

I like when any system makes summary on its own. And System here I mean not the Facebook’s annoying “Review your month”, “Review your year”, “Review your friendship”.
The system I mean, for example, Google Maps, which I use with constantly location history on, especially when I go to any trip.
Still, Google Maps does not know everything, but automatic summary for 2019 are inspiring:
🏆 13 new countries
🎖 118 new cities
🏅 over 350 new places, including architectural and natural

2019 is the most memorable for me with the Country #50 visited: Monaco.

And I am still in top-100 travellers of Ukraine according to Nomadmania.com: https://nomadmania.com/travellers//1/ua/0/1

And I’ve started planning 2020.


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