Baltics 2018 – Route

The beginning of the post: (or FB: Route Route is defined. Warsaw West Station – Kaunas – Vilnius – Daugavpils – Riga (2 days) – Narva – Tallinn (2 days) – Helsinki (2 days) – Haapsalu – Tuhala – Matsala – Saaremaa – Kuressaare – Kaali – Panga – Parnu – Jurmala – Ventspils – Liepaja – Panevezys …
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Gozo Shioda. Aikido Shugyo: Harmony in Confrontation

"Walking is martial arts"

Morihei Ueshiba

What this means is that no matter what sort of physique you have, you can do Aikido. Whether you are rigid or soft or thin or heavy set, you can do Aikido in your own way as long as you find the way to move that's most natural for yourself.

In other words, you must continue to improve your physique so that it is not forced but natural. You could say that this is the unrelenting struggle of shugyo. So, if you develop the physique that is best suited to your age, you will be able to do Aikido forever, no matter how old you are.

Brad’s Status

(Not for people with weak nerves or nervous in general) Sometimes when you watch a trailer, movie is looking quite interesting and you have inspiration to spend some 1.5 hours of your life for that. However, the further we go the more complicated is to watch such movies in the sense of cinematic art. Brad’s Status is not a movie. After …
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