Ernest Henry Shattock. An Experiment in Mindfulness

If Buddha had wished, for forty five years of His teachings He could have created an internal core of people well prepared with the deepest understanding of contents of His teaching, quite capable to understand His thoughts. But He hadn’t done it. And it is necessary to assume that He consciously hid a knowledge He had that after His death His followers would not have a temptation to get information without corresponding experience.

This principle of hiding or masking of the deepest spiritual truths must be followed by every spiritual reformer if he or she wishes to avoid deviation or struggle accompanying different understanding of doctrine. Statement about authenticity does not have value without emotions, and if emotions are present it does not need confirmation.

One thought on “Ernest Henry Shattock. An Experiment in Mindfulness

  1. Мені здається що Гаутамі було все по при мешта, і якого дідька йому було щось від когось приховувати, а тим більше він і не думав що буде після його смерті.Але це все лиш мої власні припущення.Тому, вийдіть на той план де зараз перебуває Будда і спитайте його про все.

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