Ernest Henry Shattock. An Experiment in Mindfulness

The law asserts that every reason must have its consequence, that all reasons must be fully worked off. Power, created by every thought and every action must be consumed and dissipated amongst other people, and, in its turn, this creates power producing following reactions. Some parts of this power tend to expedite to the process of dumping material cloaks from spirit, while its other parts strengthen and amplify them. We along with our present environment are personally results of what we think and do now. None of the actions or none of the acts of thoughts are dying without a trace; but each and every one of them gives birth to the new result chain: they are lasting until primary power is spent. In this way we are developing through personal mistakes and personal actions towards good and evil. Truly, this is the highest justice: there is no chance to avoid the results of bad thoughts and actions, no chance to lose the results of good ones. But how we react to events caused by them can help dissipating this power or recovering it. That’s why karma law creates out of every individual a collective group of potential possibilities directed towards good and evil, towards trends of any kind, towards joys and sufferings of present and future existence. These constantly variable potential chances are possibly kept together in some material shell, thinner then everything we know, representing reincarnating being. Such being hasn’t anything constant; and in every new birth a spirit activity can be observed by collected shells and material cloaks. But it is impossible to imagine that the same spirit particle embodies into matter – there is no spirit partitionability like that existing and there is nothing defined as soul following in its trips the “unworked reasons” shell. Spirit is always present everywhere, but here you can perceive it only via physical creation. We are like spirit’s windows and our past thoughts and actions predetermine the level how spirit can be noticed through us. By working off your karma we are trying within every existence to wipe off dust from window at least a bit until window is clean and personality disappears.

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