Ernest Henry Shattock. An Experiment in Mindfulness

We should not understand God as some embodiment of power – it is the final reality on the other side of all live forms and matter in our universe and all other plans of existence. Such reality cannot be separated into single pieces, however so called “convergence into matter” creates illusion of myriads of single beings of endlessly various density. The ultimate stage where a realm of spirit can be revealed inside its material cloak is a manifestation of what we call spiritual qualities. These are the qualities emerging from gradual reduction of a feeling of separation. Various materials cloaks covering a realm of a spirit can be represented as windows of various transparency which we use to observe realm underlying a foundation of life; but in every case a subject of observation is one undividable spirit, but not some of its separate individual element. If we would be able to see and understand it in its full, it would be similar to if we look out of a plane’s window and see unlimited cloud dimension we are flying over, but not only limited image of one cloud. Specifically these cloaks create an illusion of separation being foundation of the whole ignorance in the world. We call this ignorance the evil.

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