Ernest Henry Shattock. An Experiment in Mindfulness

In our days too many people are not satisfied with the interpretation of God, given by christianity, and also by absense of clear explanation of real nature of a soul. Majority of clergy are most certainly keep to their own more mature ideas of God behind generally accepted cloak of God. But they are having hard times telling their parishioners about biblical God, because many of their listeners are purely satisfied with idea of God as “father”. Shallow thinking becomes ordinary, and efforts in creating more satisfying and newer notion of God are not able to override a sense of necessity of keeping the devotion to old customs. On the other side, majority of us has neither possibility, nor willingness to rethink our understanding of God and our relations with him or our understanding of a soul. That is why we are not able to accept church’s teachings as adequate or easily find new concept somewhere else. I suspect that our complication in establishing satisfactory relations with reality are rooted in materialistic mindset prevailing nowadays. And there is no easy solution to this issue, as any off-the-shelf interpretation is not an answer. If we in our knowledge have overcome the stage where we are satisfied with parallels and allegories, it means that there’s no chance to get new understanding in other way than by working for new experience and new perception that will make its essense.

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  1. як на мене, то не ЛЕГКИЙ спосіб мислення стає ЗВИЧНИМ, а навпаки – ЗВИЧНИЙ спосіб мислення стає ЛЕГКИМ, тому й перестаємо мислити, аналізувати, і відповідно – йти в розвиток…

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