Dresden, Germany. The First Visit

Everything I knew about Dresden was that there is a Dresden Art Gallery, one of the most known galleries in the world.

Now I know a bit more.

Dresden is a city-picture. Really. A city when you photograph it results as painted drawing – painted by oil or water colors…

City that sleeps at night peacefully, without any noise. City with a river flowing through as calm as the city itself. City where Dresden Art Gallery consists of 12 (twelve!) separate exhibitions. City that has Australian quisine restaurant “Ayers Rock“, where you can order at 12 am a steak set of ostrich, kangaroo and crocodile, and it will be cooked and served pretty soon…

Dresden Art Gallery

As it turns out, Dresden Art Gallery is made up of three categories:

  • painted works
  • handmade works (coins, porcelain, etc.)
  • ethnographic

And painted works have 3 (three) parts:

  • Gallery of old masters
  • Gallery of new masters
  • Gallery of photos, prints and drawings

Now I need to visit them all, at least painted works.

P.S.: It’s definitely the city you will wish to visit again.

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