Berlin, Germany. Second look

When you have only a half of day to see Berlin, what can you see??

  • Berlin wall (at least its remains
  • Checkpoint Charlie (
  • Potszdamer Platz (
  • Rote Rathaus (

That’s all we saw during F1 trip in 2015.

But in the second visit Berlin started to open. And here are some places that are worth visiting.

Berlin zoo

One of the most interesting zoos that we have visited with my wife. The most interesting because it has

  • Panda Garden
  • Penguins you can reach by your hand and pet them
  • Eagles flying in the alleys
  • Extraordinary exposition of spiders – I have never seen such a number of poisonous, colorful and extremely rare spiders!!!
  • Big exposition of frogs, insects and other types of reptiles like snakes
  • Monkeys)))

Potsdamer Platz and you from top

The Potsdamer Platz is not outstanding except some remains of Berlin wall.

However, several points are located here that you should pay attention:

  • Sony Centre – huge building with a number of Imax Cinemas, cafes and museums
  • Kollhoff Tower – a building with facade looking like sharp razor and where Panoramapunkt (cafe and observation platform) is located
  • DeutscheBahn Tower – German railway tower

Kollhoff Tower

The entrance to Kollhoff Tower is paid, €7,50 per person. But it is recommended.

Berlin TV Tower (Berliner Fernsehturm)

The highest building in Germany, the second highest building in European Union, 368 m high, with the observation deck on altitude over 200 m, a restaurant revolving around tower with one full rotation per hour, Berlin TV Tower is a must-see.

Disadvantages of TV Tower

  1. The entrance ticket if you haven’t planned it – €17,50 per person. If you have planned it then it’s only €14 per person.
  2. The line is at least 1,5-2 hours from the time you purchased a ticket and even longer.
  3. Multitude of tourists interfering with your attempts to make pictures))))
  4. Tables at the restaurant are booked one month ahead, and we were not able to get into it, but we are still planning to do that.


Gendarmenmarkt is not very picturesome in the evening, but it’s interesting to take a look in the daylight on Concert Hall (Konzerthaus), French Cathedral (Französischer Dom) and German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom).

Reichstag and Brandenburg Gates

This time in the evening we slowly walked along Reichstag and Brandenburg gates, a little bit along Unter Den Linden.

If you’ve seen it once, it’s not breathtaking for the second time)))

Hop on Hop off

If you’ve never been to Berlin or even if you’ve been there, Hop on Hop off is a treasure!!!

The price €12-15 per person, you get detailed tour in many languages (it’s a bit hard to get Ukrainian, but English and Polish are available on all buses) and almost all interesting siteseeing points in 2-3 hours!!!

The big plus on board are drinks and hot Christmas wine (of course, paid separately)!!!

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