Brad’s Status

(Not for people with weak nerves or nervous in general)

Sometimes when you watch a trailer, movie is looking quite interesting and you have inspiration to spend some 1.5 hours of your life for that.

However, the further we go the more complicated is to watch such movies in the sense of cinematic art.

Brad’s Status is not a movie. After watching it I entitle it “Jibberish status”. It would’ve been a spoiler and a description of a movie.

The movie itself is a solid manual of psychoanalysis in mental masochism, about a person obsessed with such problems programs that’s normal person – if you’d found one – wouldn’t even dream about.

The whole set of all possible programs, uncertainties, aggressive accusations, incomprehension of processes, incomprehension of reality, incomprehension of close people… The simple common person reveals himself as schizoid paranoid, aside from being in charge of “charity activities”…

A whole lot of ellipses, because nothing to say – you get exclusively a whole lot of problems in the movie…

Movie is mandatory for watching for those who seeks and cannot find ALL self-destructing problems and complexes.

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