The Pointless Flow

Having espresso in the fine Kyiv club, you get into atmosphere of dark human external indifference to others. People pretend they are not interested in catching glances, pretend they hate touches, pretend that their effort-crazy personal events are funny and joyous for themselves, it seems like time to ask many people "WTF [why-the-fuck] you spare your life for social pretending? Why are you dying physically?"
But that's where the problem lies.
The problem is obvious. They don't know other ways. They're spending 2-3 years per one date just to try to hold hands or kiss. And by that time their flow is pointless, as they are already hating each other.
And that's when they continue to pretend and turn back to hot dances, or cool dances, or social dances. Not for fun.
Work. Work hard and you will get no satisfaction. You will just have no time even for recognizing evilings.
Read KyivWeekly, Cinemotion, What'sOn, fucking hatred-burners and low-level errorful pro-Russian English-speaking shallow yellow media.
Aside you try to get into cinema. Guess what you see.
Nothing to watch.
Abso-bloody-lutely nothing.
Fucking zero on the screen.
Guess what's left here within this pointless flow.
If you know what I mean.
Watch and learn. Drink coffee. Watch others suffering.
Coffee must be. This absent-minded pointless flow may be changed into some kind of life flow only with coffee. And fucking slowdown.
But slowdown can be done only by coffee.

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