The Great Coffee Path in Lviv

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If you’re the first time in Lviv, remember: it is the city of Long History, Coffee and Beer.

Once you have some free time, you can follow the Great Coffee Path, which will allow you tasting all kinds of coffee in various cafés:

Medivnia – Na Bambetli – Svit Kavy – Virmenka – Pid Synioyu Pliashkoyu – Zolotiy Dukat – Charivnyy Likhtar.

If you can’t remember these local names here’s my guide.


Location: Krakivska Str. 17, straight opposite to Virmenska (Armenian) Church of 14th century.
Working hours: 8 am – 10 pm.

The translation of the name: Honey Hooch Café.

Start your Great Coffee Path in the morning if you come early by train, bus or even by air. The café opens very early for Lviv establishments – at 8 am. It is located in front of very beautiful and very old Virmenska (Armenian) church, and you can choose two options:

         If you wish to feel Ukrainian atmosphere, you can stay inside of the café.

         Whenever it’s hot or you like being outside, Medivnia can propose outside tables.

In both cases you can select from wide variety of Ukrainian specialties.

But for the sake of the Beginning of the Great Coffee Path I suggest you ordering hot (in the terms of temperature) medovukha (honey hooch, very lite and sweet under 30 proof) along with Turkish/Arab-style brewed coffee, which you can enjoy looking at Virmenska Church.

Na Bambetli

Continuing your way along the Great Coffee Path walk towards Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square) and take right turn into passage through the building at Ploshcha Rynok 29 when you see this sign:

Location: Ploscha Rynok 29 (Market Square 29), passage from Ploscha Rynok to Ploshcha Ivana Pidkovy (Ivan Pidkova Square).

Working hours: 10 am – 10 pm.

In Ukrainian Bambetl’ means wooden couch.

So, you can enjoy drinking coffee sitting on the old Ukrainian furniture inside the café, you can sit on window ledge, or just take any of the outdoors tables.

In order to continue the Great Coffee Path, you must try either their special On Bambettel coffee or Kufaika (which is my favourite).

Svit Kavy

No matter how you go out of this passage – back to Ploshcha Rynok or forward to Ploshcha Ivana Pidkovy, you should continue your way in the same direction you took from Medivnia – go south towards Cathedral – big gothic Roman Catholic Church, which is one of the remarkable sites worth seeing.

Location: vulytsia Katedralna 6 (Cathedral Street 6).

Working hours: 11 am – 11 pm.

(view from City Tower)

Just walk behind it from any angle – and you will see one of the cafés, most favoured by Lvivians.

Svit Kavy (World of Coffee) has three floors, dozens of coffee sorts, including Blue Mountain Coffee, along with some tasty sweets.

You should try there Maragogipe coffee with Strudel in order to proceed on the Great Coffee Path.

Pid Synioju Pliashkoyu (Under the Blue Bottle)

This is always a must for any coffee and history lover. If you are not initiated into the misteries of Lviv, you will never find this place as a usual tourist.

This café is never talked of. You can miss it just passing one meter from entrance to this café.

Location: vulytsia Rus’ka 4 (Ruska Street 4).

Working hours: 10 am – 10 pm.

Search for the Blue Bottle sign.

It’s the oldest site of brewing coffee.

Visit it and order Fairy Coffee #1 or Fairy Coffee #2 along with Vanaa Tallin liquor. And you will remember this moment all your life.

And then, after leaving from this mystical and ancient café, continue your Great Coffee Path to the last stop of the day.

Zolotiy Dukat (Golden Dukat)

The final stop.

The best hot chocolate in town.

One of the best cafés in Lviv.

No mobile connection there. Just relax. Sit and try Golden Dukat coffee – the one goes with real nutritive gold!

Location: rig vulytsi Fedorova 20 i Rus’koji 14 (corner of Fedorova Street 20 and Ruska Street 14).

Working hours: 11 am – 9 pm.

To get there, just exit from Under the Blue Bottle, turn to right and the first corner on your right, you will smell it.

AND you will see the Golden Coffee Lion.

You can try there as well several kinds of Ukrainian natural herbal teas.

But now you’re the expert. Ask for special Color Coffee Chart – and you can choose coffee by the color you like at the moment.

And listen here as you're walking:

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