Krakow Live Festival 2016

It’s hard to get bored in Krakow.

In August 19-21, Krakow Live Festival ( for the eleventh time with amazing musicians’ list: Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Sia, Massive Attack, Roisin Murphy, Cage The Elephant, Chemical Brothers, Muse.

There was two times more than mentioned musicians, but I will share only outstanding ones in person.

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

The youngest son of the legendary Bob Marley, Damian was performing in Krakow for the first time, and I got to his performance and listened to him for the first time. Whereas he was on the stage on Friday’s 19.00, I was not serious about his performance. But judging from the second part, I understood I was wrong.

To all who loves reggae, I recommend him. Wonderful artist.


I think Sia is not the artist you need to present.

Just my impression on the table.

  1. Her performance at 21.00 started suddenly, sharp and even, which confused a bit, because it was unexpectedly on time….
  2. During the whole performance Sia was standing immovable with her fringe on her eyes. That’s why choreography attracted all attention to stage and screens. It was beautiful.

Some of my video here, in my YouTube channel. To my regret, YouTube blocks some clips, that’s why I will provide link to originals in the end.


Massive Attack

I don’t know who was the headliner on Friday Festival’s night, but Massive Attack was for me the tremendous main performance which would be alone worth going to Festival on Friday.

Performers of the “Teardrop”, which became main sound theme of “Dr House”, they had pumped up the crowd so that many people were crying, laughing, were sad and had hysterics.

Wikipedia and other sources tell us that they are duet, but this night Massive Attack performed with 5 (five!) singers, if not more.

Outstanding band. Outstanding localized texts that were running in background as well. I’m still curious who helped them working with these texts, because they touched generally Polish politics, international relations, they mentioned Ukraine, though not it a good aspect.

Highly recommended wherever you are and whatever you do, go Massive Attack performances.

Roisin Murphy

She’s unbelievable! Irish Roisin Murphy is unbelievable! Her one-hour dress changes and playing with clothes captured more than her music, which was not as simple as in Moloko era (that was serendipity for me too), that’s why all this theatrical accessories and her content behaviour on the stage must be seen unanimously.

Roisin Murphy in Moloko

Roisin Murphy in Krakow Live Festival 2016

Unanimously her performances must be visited and her music must be listened to for uncommon ear.

Cage The Elephant

A good US rock band who knows how to fire and make the crowd move it. But it will be eternal finalist of school balls and happy ends about high school. They are not something extraordinary, but jumping and fooling around is the main taste of this band.

Taking into account that Chemical Brothers were following, Cage The Elephant heated the public quite powerfully.

If you want to jump or need such music to your party, then Cage The Elephant is exactly what you need!

Chemical Brothers

It was the first time I faced these dudes. They are powerful. They are hiding themselves in the shadows of projections to screen, but their videostreams are marvellous!

It was almost hour and a half of drive, videostreams and supermusic.

The Muse

I don’t know. The band is good. Even texts are good. But for me they look very much like ZZ Top: excellent music and not a single word clear from that, except words “…control us… victorious… they…” Perhaps, this is what I like least in music is murmuring the lyrics. But, if Beatles in Yellow Submarine murmured something that can’t be understood, then why should Muse going live be different?

In general, the special concert of special guest – Muse – was wonderful. And pop….

And finalizing…

Krakow Live Festival became became beautiful event thanks to organizers. You had booth inside territory (beer and jagermeister), and hanging out, and separate MasterCard Lounge available, and some snack food, and it was clean (because neither drinks, nor food was not allowed out of food court, but…. out of food court there was RedBull and Tymbark, where you had drinks sold and distributed. For faraway guests you had opportunity to live in tents.

And here is the album with 21 video and some photos from festival:

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