Lars von Trier. Nymph()maniac (Nymphomaniac)


To say honestly, “Melancholia” by Trier had not become my favourite or liked. Despite that Charlotte Ginsbourg (although she’s Gainsbourg, but the family origins from Ukraine) acts in both movies.

Movie is controversial. And in two versions. 3-hour theatrical version was enough for me personally without hard porn and many other interesting things. The difference in duration – the Director’s Uncut version is longer by 1 h 24 min. For those, who is m()viemaniac it is highly recommended. But not for vodka party in the kitchen. It won’t do. Neither vodka, nor movie.


Consists of 8 stories, narrated by main star Charlotte Gainsbourg to main star Stellan Skarsgård.

Each of the stories reveals/touches some single facet of the society. And these stories are strengthened by Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Shia LaBeouf (famous from Transformers), Connie Nielsen (from Devil’s Advocate).

A bunch of cunts, dicks, blowjobs, whips, family misunderstandings.


The movie itself, I would repeat, is controversial. It’s hard to say if that’s either a comedy, or slapstick, or tragedy from main female character, or research object for main male character, but the every edge of the movie enthralls and provokes.

The sarcasm of the movie is of such high level that balances on the edge of misunderstanding. I was watching movie, listened to main characters, but can’t say is the movie is completely sarcastic, or sometimes it’s attracting attention to certain social deviations.

The movie plot mentions Bach, Beethoven, catholic church with its symbolism, Eastern church (Byzantine Rite) with its symbolism, fishing, duck fisting, James Bond.

Sudden Rammstein in the beginning and in the end adds some power on top. Perhaps.

And, perhaps, the sentence of the main female character “I don’t know who’s Edgar Po” astonishes. Offends. Perhaps, makes you angry. Because what the fuck. She diagnoses herself, but she does not know Po. At the same time, she’s free in speculations about politics, sexuality, “music”, etc. Perhaps, sarcasm here was not only in the air, but was the main factor for diagnosis: “I know my diagnosis, because I read the characteristics in the internet”.


Recommended. Unambiguously. But, perhaps, with limitation to 18+. Better to 21+. For all – 24+. Not because of a porn. Due to the complexity of concepts shown. Like Stendhal’s “Red and black” can be perceived sometime after 18+, but not in high school.

Adjust to brain’s operation and remembering everything you know and searching for what you did not know, because it’s worth knowing these things not to become the main female character like.

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  1. фільм офігенний, але реально перевертає і розриває шаблони в голові. Він вартий того, щоб переглянути його ще раз)

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