12 Arkan. The Hanged

And now preparation has completed for next Elder Tarot Arkan. This time we realize 12 Elder Arkan – The Hanged.

The shooting will take place in Ticino, Switzerland, at Verzasca Dam.

Exactly from the jump down from this dam 007 James Bond’s series “Golden Eye” opens in 1995 with Pierce Brosnan.

Our Way to the Hanged:

Lviv (Ukraine) – Krakow (Poland) – Milano (Italy) – Lugano (Switzerland) – Ticino (Switzerland)

We’ll try to repeat that jump and make video and photo. Based on those materials 12 Elder Tarot Arkan the Hanged will be created.

For those, who hasn’t meet with this Arkan, here’s the reminder.

The Hanged – one of the most mysterious cards in Tarot decks. It’s simple and the complicated at the same time. It attracts, but disturbs. It contradicts itself endlessly. The Hanged is restless, because it symbolizes the paradoxicality of our life. Paradox is a something that seems to be contradictory, but at the same time it is right. The Hanged shows us some truths, but they are lying in its contradictions.

The main lesson of the Hanged is that we control by letting go – we win by surrendering. The figure at 12 Arkan did extraordinary surrender – to die on a cross from own suffering, but at the same time the  Hanged is shining with the Glory of Divine Understanding. He sacrificed himself, but becomes a winner. The Hanged, as Alice in Wonderland, says that we can move forward by standing still. Denying time we have timelessness.

In readings (divinations, manticism) the Hanged reminds that the best approach to the problem is not always the most obvious. When we want to suppress somebody with our will it’s the time to let it go. When we have the strongest wish to find our Way that’s when we need to sacrifice. When we have the strongest wish to to act we need to wait. The irony is that when we do such contradictory actions, we find what we are looking for.

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