Skillet Unleashed Tour 2016, Stodola (Warsaw)

I just visited Skillet concert in their Unleashed Tour 2016. The concert took place on November 26 in Warsaw in student’s club “Stodola”.

At first about access to club. It appears that 30-40 minutes to reach entrance is a normal practice in Poland.

Line to Stodola for Skillet

The only difference this time was in snow, wind and zero centigrades.

Want to know about impression? Unbelievable! Taking into account that Skillet is a Christian rock band and its usual sound is more to lightweight Linkin Park or midheavy Limp Bizkit, I got this sound in the concert…. not lighter than Rammstein or even close to Motorhead!

Live concert was very different by veeeeery powerful sound, interesting buildup of song list and certain Christian context.

The concert started by Invincible.

Also there was Hero.

To my shame I was not even thinking that this song is devoted to Jesus…

Skillet Unleashed Tour 2016

And when Sick Of It started ( the whole hall was jumping and singing. The foreword to the song by John Cooper: “If you’re sick of hate, anger, abuse – sing with us”.

And here’s Not Gonna Die:

After this concert I recommend MANDATORY going to Skillet concerts wherever they take place.

Skillet Unleashed Tour 2016

And a bit of Monster:

And finally about warming up group Red Sun Rising. They were presenting their new – and the only now – album Polyester Zeal.

It’s very interesting band and very interesting music. It sound like blend and alloy of Nirvana, Gun’s’Roses, Metallica, Motorhead, Deep Purple, and many others.

I am personally recommending their tracks:


The Other Side (find here a bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Unnatural (only audio)

Generally I recommend the whole album.

And a bit of me as conclusion.

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